DSC_0447Surf Life Saving is recognised as the most effective surf rescue service in the world. Surf Sports play a key role in improving lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation.

This summer the lifesavers will line up across the coast to take on the surf and sand, promising to be the most exciting season of sport on the beach. Young and old, professionals and beginners alike, will come together at a beach near you, delivering an thrilling carnival that you won’t want to miss.

Best of all its FREE – all you have to do is find you spot on the beach or under a tree, and your in for a day at the beach that you’ll never forget!


Surf Life Saving is unique in that it provides opportunities for competitors to participate in the broadest range of sport activities.

Ski Paddling | Beach Events | Surf Swimming | Surf Boats | Board Riding | Board paddling | Ironperson Events | Rescue and resuscitation | March Past | Inflatable Rescue Boat competition | First Aid Competition | Patrol Competition | Champion Lifesaver | Marathons, Multi-disciplines and Endurance Events | Still water competition (pool)

So what ever takes your interest, you’re sure to find an event that will be as exciting for the spectators as it is for the athletes