It’s been 76 days since our red and yellow flags were flying on Queensland beaches… but this weekend (13/06/2020) THEY’RE BACK!

Please continue to follow Queensland Government advice;
Practice physical distancing,
Stay home if sick
Do not gather in groups more than 20
& please show respect to our lifesavers and lifeguards.

We strongly recommend you only swim at fully patrolled beaches this weekend and as always… swim between the flags.


Beach Reports

Australia’s waters contain many sea creatures including Marine Stingers. They are generally quite easy to avoid. Stingers can cause discomfort if you are stung and some tropical species (the Irukandji and the Box Jellyfish for example) can be lethal.



Surf Life Saving is about satisfaction, having fun, being physically fit, teamwork, aquatic safety skills, competitions, helping make surfing a safer pastime and doing a vital job and doing it well.  Surf Life Saving offers a range of awards…

Surf Sports

Surf Life Saving is recognised as the most effective surf rescue service in the world. Surf Sports play a key role in improving lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation. This summer the lifesavers will line up across the coast to take on the surf…

Life saving pathways

There’s a role for everyone in Surf Life Saving, and the experiences and opportunities that you’ll face each day are never the same.

The skills you learn along the way will not only save lives and help the community, but potentially put you on the pathway to places you never thought possible.